Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Updated Rules and Targets as of April

I'm back!! I know I know, it's been a while since I have blogged. I have been kind of busy, but it's really no excuse to keep my readers at bay. I mean there are 11 of you now. :) And I am sure there are a few not listed in the membership roster, so thanks to all of you for being patient.

Every month I will evaluate how my rules and targets are going and revise if necessary, the update is going to occur midmonth keeping in the Gertie tradition. I am quite a bit tardy in updating my rules and targets, but let's get those out of the way and then there are going to be some updates:

Here are the original Rules and Targets and here is the Revised Version

(Updates for this month are in orange):

Rules for Dating by Gertie:

1. Give everyone who asks a first date, after careful screening, they will all teach you something. (Ooops, I need to get back to this rule)

2. Google everyone before you're first date make sure they aren't a serial killer and their story checks out. (Mandatory, do not stray from this rule)

3. Give everyone that makes you laugh a second date, when you're old laughter will matter more than you know.

4. Give everyone your Google Voice number, shield your actual cell phone number.

5. Have an email address exclusively for online dating, don't link that email to anything else in your life.

6. Only give third dates to men who make you feel butterflies, no need to waste time.

7. Kissing on a first date is the exception not the rule, but sometimes kissing on the first date is exceptional.

8. See a man's place before you every invite him to yours.

9. Bring enough cash on a date to roll out if the need arises.

10. Honesty is a paramount quality, watch out for inconsistencies.

11. Ask every man what he is looking for and make sure we are on the same page by date three.

12. Institute the 10 date rule(to be blogged about shortly)

Male Targets:
1. Tall men who reach the top shelf - remember to subtract two inches from a listed height on an online dating profile.

2. Broad Men who give Great Hugs; subjective but necessary

3. Someone who doesn't want to hang out everyday, but who wants to hangout a few times a week, with boundaries.

4. Someone who is awesome and has friends that are awesome, bonus points if your friends would mesh well with my friends.

5. Someone who knows there way around a kitchen, bar, or a pantry. I like Men who can cook, bake, and especially craft an interesting cocktail or two.

6. Gentleman who remember the little things, without being asked and care about your well being.

7. Someone who makes you laugh, the type of laughter that explodes throughout your entire body.

8. Someone who loves their mom, sister, women in their life but in a healthy well adjusted way.

9. A Great Communicator.

10. Someone who likes to eat cake, and other applicable cake skills.

I am not going to be updating the 17 Guys to Date this Month, since I haven't been blogging I don't want to ruin any surprises.

I do however want to share an update on Miss Off the Market, we all know from her blog that wedding bells were in her future. Well the funny thing that Gertie wanted to share today was about her friend's flair. Her wedding invite was cute and personalized beyond belief. The response card by far was Gertie's favorite she has ever seen. (Apologies to my other friends, please don'ta be offended) The design of the card was a mad lib where you filled in your sentiments about the couple's special day. Of course Gertie's response attempted humor and tried to use superfluous diction where possible, but the best part of all was where Gertie had to enter her Guest's name. Traditionally & Guest would suffice, but our heroine had to step it up a notch. She often has contenders in the works, so which companion would escort her to this stellar event,drumroll please...... none other than:

THE FLAVOR OF THE MONTH.....To be continued sometime in September :)

Watch out for Hammers,
Gertie xoxo

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