Thursday, December 15, 2011

Social Awkwardness is a Contagious Disease and I need an Antibiotic

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I have caught the disease of Social Awkwardness from kissing so many frogs or more aptly giving them handshakes or other invariably awkward ways to end a date. It so happens that I have been going on dates with someone whom I really enjoy their company and at the end of almost every date I inevitably put my foot in my mouth.

I have been letting things pop out during the course of these evenings that can only be described as self deprecating. I have told him that I have personal space issues, I'm a prude, I shouted no when he went to kiss me, and wait at another inopportune moment.

I know this is karma's way of paying me back for throwing hammers at boys. But this wonderful charming man continues to allow my social awkwardness to linger and continues to spend time with me and invite me on dates. In fact he has remarked that is cute, and he likes me despite of it.

I hang my head in shame and have no idea why. If Gertie was on date with a guy who professed any of these things, the Committee would tell her to cease and desist immediately. I would definitely throw a hammer at a boy who had pseudo rejected me this many times and yet this Jam making Prince continues on wooing our heroine.

How this story will end....we will have to wait and see but if anyone knows a commiserate drug to the Z-pak that could relieve me of this insane communicable disease, please advise immediately.

Watch out for hammers,
Gertie xoxo

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