Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gertie is having fun (Number 6 lives on)

There will be a few juicy posts on the horizon....I have been working on my post about Southern Gentleman and I think I owe you a post about Moving Targets. I will post about one of these topics by the end of this week. There has been a lull in the dating waters this weekend

I decided not to reschedule the single Dad. I just wasn't feeling the interest because of his cancellation. I don't know if I really believe there was something wrong with his kid. I believe that he is a player. His texts are slightly annoying. I tried to cut him loose and told him that we couldn't reschedule because I met someone and wanted to see where it goes. By the way the best line ever to use on a single suitor, try it, it never fails. He said he would be in contact in two weeks, Gertie hopes he forgets.

But back to the subject at hand, having fun. Gertie continued this weekend by having fun, maybe a little too much fun with Greg, remember him?(aka No. 6 -) There was pizza, a movie, and a lot of making out on this long weekend. Sometimes a little fun can lead to a great time, and that is all Gertie is currently revealing. Although he is quite handsome, funny, and makes Gertie melt with a kiss, it's mainly a lustful attraction

Gertie does have a couple targets in her sights the top contenders are a a fiery Red Head and a Sweet Nerdy gamer. Oh how Gertie loves those nerds! What numbers will these prospects end up being, only time will tell. Until later this week...........

Watch out for Hammers,
Gertie xoxo


  1. Does this mean you have to find a new single dad to fill the number 5 slot or does the no-show count as one date?

  2. I'm not sure if one comes up then yes. In my mind since I went the first time, I've done my time. Hope you agree. :)