Thursday, October 18, 2012

As the leaves change, so does life

Times they are a changing everywhere, it has been a very eventful summer in the life of our fair Heroine. Here we are in fall with beautiful leaves, pumpking carving and fall festivities everywhere.

Gertie no longer throws hammers at boys and has apparently speared a man. Well at least he ranked as a man according to this nifty article I found on the Frisky. He has met all criteria I can determine most importantly he has been a rockstar at the many special events I had this summer, he's not scared of tough conversation, and in the end I see his ultimate goal always trying to make me happy. Which is really nice because this heroine is generally trying to make him happy too.

Therefore I am going to be transitioning to a new blog sometime in the next few weeks. I have been working on some posts for quite a while now and I have some questions for those of you who follow to vote in on:

I know that I will talk about relationships and hilarious stories as they pop up, some may be dates of the past or experiences I come across.

I think I will have some blogs that updated where our guest bloggers and important people are nowadays.

I am also interested in blogging about more conversational topics in my life. Sometimes I have written about these things here but  I tried to tie them into my dating life. I think my new blog would talk about relationships beyond dating, stages of commitments, relationships with friends, and etc. I also think I might share some sex tips/advice.

So here is the real question out there in blog land......
1.Would you be willing to read more from your Dear Friend Gert?
2. Do you have a fun blog name for Gertie?
I have been contemplating a blog name change so message me any suggestions, I am having a hard time leaving the world of spears and hammers for something less cool.

Watch out for Hammers~

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