Monday, February 13, 2012

Gertie goes on dates and throws no hammers!

Gertie had three dates this week with three different boys....still to be determined if any of them are men that should be speared and targeted.

Date #1
Gertie went on another date with shirtless wonder. I know I said I'm not sure if I'm his style and it was probably more like friends hanging out then a date, but alas we keep in touch. I'm not giving him a number in the lineup of New Years Resolutions because I am not sure it's more than friends in his opinion. He is going away for a while and when he returns if we do go on a real date then I will assign him a number in the Resolutions field. But for now just know that Gertie didn't abandon this little lump of coal.
Gertie met his dog, saw his house, and they email/text daily. They talk about their lives, the shows they like in common, and they trade dating advice. Well rather Gertie tells him about her dates and proffers advice to him about going on more. Gertie ******THIS BLOG HAS BEEN ALTERED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY, MAINLY ME******* so please don't get the idea that this is heading anywhere, he's still working on finding himself. But for all the wonderful advice and hysteria my friends put up with, I thought I got put a little good karma back into the world. More than that, it can never hurt to have another friend, especially such a sparkler.

Date #2 The Date with the Single Dad(Aka Number 5).....or the to be continued date as it were.
Exchanging emails and now texts with my new batphone I ended up agreeing to a date with a Single Dad. He seemed very nice and Gertie who often is somewhat commitment phobic was shocked by some of questions when exchanging emails. Her friend,Maria ,let her know that he was really just looking for a relationship and that's why his questions were slightly invasive. Single Dad had two girls both under 10, a questionable job, and he had never been married. The questionable job came in because he said he was in merchandising and was slightly vague about it. Maria & Kelley (two of Gertie's best friends) decided that merchandising was a code name for Drug Dealer. Not wanting to date a drug dealer, Gertie decided that Single Dad should disclose what merchandising meant. Turned out it was harmless and could also qualify him to be a Number 6, but hey we just keep swimming in 2012. Gertie and Single Dad decided they would go to dinner on Saturday night. Single Dad is very into texting, calling, and keeping in touch, quite a comparison for Gertie's dates of late. He texted Friday how excited he was to meet her. He texted Saturday morning asking about her day. He was just generally very attentive. The time came for their date and while en route Gertie figured she might be a few minutes late (Gertie tends to run a few minutes late in general.) She texted Single Dad and told him that she would be delayed, she got the response me too. Arriving at ten minutes after the agreed upon time at Asian restaurant. Gertie texted Single Dad to see if he had arrived, no response. She got a table to the right of the door so she could see people as they arrive. No single dad. Thirty minutes after she arrived she finished her green tea, paid her tab, and left.

Ten minutes later a text arrived from Single Dad asking if I was still there, apologizing, and saying there was a kid emergency. I responded I had left and no worries, it happens. He said his child had fallen and hit their head. He apologized for letting me know what was going on. Two phone apologies and five texts later, I actually believed that he hadn't stood me up on purpose. If the schedule permits Gertie might be giving him another shot. No hammers thrown yet.....Besides you got to give props to Single Dad for taking good care of his kids.

Date#3 The Date with The Guy whose Job you might not be in love with (Aka Number 6) His name is Greg and despite Gertie's preference for the older gentleman he is a year younger than our adventurous heroine. We really are breaking down all the type molds this year. Greg is not Gertie's normal type he is a little different. Although still a nerd, they exchanged emails and she laughed about his love of Street Fighter II a game she loved playing with her little brother when he was a kid. Greg was impressed she knew the characters names and their special moves. They agreed to an impromptu date of Sips and Apps because they were having alot of fun chatting on Gtalk and Gertie felt there was something worth exploring. Literally she decided hours before she met him that it was going to happen. She had expected to stay an hour and she ended up staying 2.5 hours. Gertie laughed alot and had a lot of fun. On discussion with Noel, another of Gertie's inner circle, it was decided that fun was what Gertie really needed. A miraculous thing happened at the end of the date with Greg, Gertie abandoned her social awkwardness, it had momentarily(or hopefully longer) disappeared. When he walked her to the car, he kissed her and shockingly she went with it and kissed him back. Driving home she wondered if he was that good of a kisser, what other skills could he have. She was also impressed that there had be an exceptional kiss because apparently our heroine is on a path to breaking the Rules, lol.

In conclusion 2 out of 3 successful dates for the weekend ain't bad and our heroine is back on the horse!

Watch out for Hammers,
Gertie xoxo

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