Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gertie resolves to date these 17 guys in 2012

Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls......

Gertie read an article about New Years Resolution and types of Guys to not date, therefore she is going to resolve to date the following types of guys... (If it doesn't work out with BB&J)

Gertie also suggest you should date these guys too!

1. The Guy Who Calls You At 12:01 To Wish You Happy Birthday. This year resolve to date someone who likes you and wants to make you feel special.

2. The Guy In Your Class/On Your Sports Team/At the Gym/In your Community Who Always Stares At You. If every time you answer a question or score a goal, run on the treadmill/ walk your dog, you look over and see him gazing longingly at you, he’s interested. He may be shy/awkward/nervous, so let's resolve to make the first move, or at least make things easier for him and see if he takes the bait.

3. The Guy Who You Feel Comfortable Wearing No Makeup Around. Feeling comfortable in your au natural state is a sign that you can be vulnerable around him. It’s not just about looking attractive, because that’s really all about how you feel about yourself, it’s about being able to be yourself.

4. The Guy Your Friend Was Trying To Set You Up With All Last Year. She tried four times to get you all together for drinks or bowling, but you were just recently heartbroken and he was traveling. Then you had the flu. Blah, blah, blah. No more excuses. Set a date with your friend and make it happen. ***Who wants to set Gertie up?****

5. The Single Dad Who’s Ready To Find Love Again. Having shunned single dads in the past because Gertie didn't want to be an Evil Step Mother, you should resolve to at least take it into consideration.

6. The Guy Whose Job/Apartment You Might Not Love But Who Treats You Like a Princess. If he treats you like gold and you’re discounting him because of he’s a bartender who lives in studio apartment, you’re focusing on the wrong things. With the exception of him being involved in criminal activities at the bar or hiding dead bodies in his studio apartment, he is highly datable. And remember that one time Gertie dated the bartender and he ended up being a lawyer....and what about your friend Steph who married and IRS IT guy who bartends for fun.

7. The Friend You Have Growing Feelings For. If you can have a magical falling in love with a friend moment, these make the very, very best relationships. It is very rare that this happens, contrary to what the rom-com industry wants you to believe, but if it does happen to you, don’t be an idiot. If this happens to Gertie I will surely let you know, I will at least investigate and keep the options open.

8. The Guy Who Plans Fun, Thoughtful Dates Tailored To Your Interests. There is a guy who does this? Where is he? Where? I am thinking this may be a UNICORN.

9. The Guy Who’s Not Normally Your Type. The older you get, the lamer it becomes to have only one type of dude you’ll date. All of us have preferences, yes. But we have to try something different at some point. And when it comes to really forming a bond with someone, it’s not the superficial stuff that matters. I have already veered off course by spicing up ethnicity, height, and divorcees and I will continue to veer off path when necessary in 2012.

10. The Guy Online Who Actually Took The Time To Read Your Profile And Comment On It Thoughtfully. His profile picture is almost irrelevant. This guy gets a date just for making the effort that so many other dudes online do not. And besides Mom always said to give everyone one shot, unless we have already gone out of course.

11. The Guy To Whom You Can Talk To For Hours. And not just about each other. If you can have long substantive conversations with this person, about topics outside of your own relationship and life story, that you actually enjoy, and you’re attracted to him. that’s like WHOA jackpot.

12. The Guy You Can Both Cry in Front of and Snort Laugh With. Some guys feel uncomfortable with the expression of emotion. This man does not. I’m so over holding in my snorts when I laugh (and I do snort when I laugh) to make anybody feel more comfortable.

13. The Guy Who Loves to Cook For You. How ironic that he loves to cook for me because I love to eat. This could work. Technically I am already kind of dating this guy, cross your fingers this works out! - Check 1! (Actually BB&J could be a few of these numbers but the likelihood of finding another guy that likes to cook for me makes him number 13.)

14. The Divorced Guy Who Understands What Commitment Is. I seriously don’t care that he’s divorced as long as he learned something from his divorce. If he can articulate what went wrong in his marriage and how what he is looking for has changed, I’m all in. Except for if he tells me the reason and it is unforgivable....to be continued in another post.

15. The Guy You’ve Seen Around For A While And Always Felt Positively About. He may live in your neighborhood or be a peripheral part of your social circle. If every time you run into him, you think, “That guy seems cool,” why not find out?

16. The Guy You Maybe Weren’t Initially Attracted To But Suddenly Looks Kind Of Cute. People get haircuts and start going to the gym and mature a bit. If this guy is growing on you, give yourself permission to grow on him. That sounded creepier than I intended. I just meant to say, “Go for it!”

17. The Guy Who Isn’t Threatened You Make More Money Than Him — But Doesn’t Try And Freeload Off You Either. Being a successful woman means that there may be a few unenlightened men out there who feel uncomfortable about it. Luckily, he’s not one of them. But he’s also not so comfortable with your success that he’s living on your couch instead of working for a living. He is secure enough in his own career that he can be supportive of yours and, occasionally buy you dinner.

Watch out for Hammers,
Gertie xoxo


  1. I love the list "17 guys to date in 2012". You could write for Glamour, it's that good! I am impressed that you have added the single dad as an experience to try. Beware of really cute little boys in desperate need of mothering, they will break your heart far worse than their daddies. (Of course, that could be my baggage talking. Oops!)

  2. I am more scared of Daddy's little princesses but thanks Lainey!! :)