Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Throw Hammers at boys who wear NO shirts......

*****Update:All previous comments for this blog post have been removed because the person who it is about is now my friend and could possibly read them.....but at least I can report we are great friends and that's something to be happy about******

I am engaged in online dating, this is my second go around. The first go around I tried Match and E-harmony, and perused some others but didn't actually jump into the fish pond. This time around a few years older and some dating tips wiser I have joined many a dating site. All sites have their highs and lows and that's probably for another blog.

I had a date this weekend with a new interest, Let's call him the Shirtless Wonder! The Shirtless Wonder seemed nice upon initial interaction. Why am I calling him Shirtless? Well among a myriad of online dating pictures he has some that are clearly less than photogenic. In fact one is obviously taken from a web cam in his room where he is shirtless and his shirt is splayed across the bed behind him. Generally, I would think this is creepy and carry on to someone else but a great personality is shining through his profile.

We exchanged pleasantries, you could tell by his profile he was new into the foray of online dating, and I always give the newbies the benefit of the doubt. Let's be honest, I really give them all the benefit of the doubt. I think personality is more important than packaging. Apparently my mother really drove home that who you are on the inside counts and it stuck. My father keeps reminding me not to settle. I should listen to my Dad more.

Back to the Shirtless Wonder, let's call him Shirtless for short. Shirtless was a single divorcee who recently jumped into the scene. Through our email exchange which lasted a little too long for my liking, I learned he hadn't been on a date since his divorce a few years ago. I don't like to email for longer than a week or two before meeting and we emailed for a month. So we agree to meet and I let him choose the place and time and say he should be comfortable so choose something closer to him. Really I don't like to meet new people in my backyard, way too many people to run into.

I am a few minutes late to the date because I have a hard time finding the restaurant. It's a Casual Seafood Grill type establishment and I'm really looking forward to something yummy with a lemon sauce. I send a quick email saying running behind and he graciously says no worries. I park and start walking toward the door. I see a man appearing like Shirtless sitting right outside the front door.

I wave and smile in his direction and as he stands to greet me. Shirtless is tall, his face rugged and handsome for a man his age. I should have told him he looked handsome.
We have a drink, he orders a beer and tells me he rarely drinks. We talk about our day and then our table is ready. He seems sweet, shy, and nervous and I really want Shirtless to have a great time tonight. Not only because the first date getting back out there is hard but because I want him to go on others. I am just not sure that they should be with me. Being told I destroy people's faith in humanity by one man whom I threw a hammer at, I am really not looking to hurt Shirtless in any way.

******THIS BLOG HAS BEEN ALTERED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY, MAINLY ME!!!****** I am contemplating a second date with Shirtless without even a comment.

We have dinner and we begin talking, always a fan of older gentleman, I've noticed lately that age is more than just a number. Age can actually be a deterrent because some of these men are still boys. A 25 year old boy may become a man one day, but after 30 the likelihood of becoming a man dwindles greatly.

We talk about activities and friends, what we like to do for fun. He is not too geeky or even to eccentric for my taste. I think he would be someone that I could see hanging out with my Dad watching football. I delve deep into conversation about our dogs, places we've been, and family. We are both good people and enjoy reading, our pups, and Revenge; not the activity more the ABC show on Wednesday. ******THIS BLOG HAS BEEN ALTERED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY, MAINLY ME!!!****** I am really enjoying his company. ******THIS BLOG HAS BEEN ALTERED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY, MAINLY ME!!!******

The check comes and in my mind we should split it because I'm not really sure if he wants to go out on another date. I'm looking for a man to have a serious relationship with and this man is still finding himself. At the beginning of the date I wondered why he was single because he has so many wonderful qualities, but now I think it is because he is still finding himself after a broken heart. To clarify, ******THIS BLOG HAS BEEN ALTERED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY, MAINLY ME!!!****** He won't hear of me contributing and pays the bill. Great points about older guys, chivalry is more prevalent in their species.

We walk out and I give him the Gertie Handshake, ******THIS BLOG HAS BEEN ALTERED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY, MAINLY ME!!!****** thank him for the good time and head toward the car. ******THIS BLOG HAS BEEN ALTERED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY, MAINLY ME!!!****** He sends me an email before I even get home about what a nice time he had, how he hopes I got home safe, and how he wish he could have picked me up and dropped me off.

I know you can't be friends with everyone you go on a date with, and that men most likely don't want to hear my profile tips, or advice, but this is one guy I really wish I could give it to. I know he is a diamond in the rough and with a little polishing he would dazzle in the right setting. The real question is with the polishing would he be my style?

Watch out for hammers,
Gertie xoxo

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