Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update on the Shirtless Wonder

It seems like this is a great week for updating people who we've discussed on the blog in the past. So I will update you on my great friend, Kal-El aka the shirtless wonder. We are friends now so I think we should call him Kal for short. He has a blog which I nominated for the Liebster. We've been friends for a while now, the better part of six months, you can read about our previous dates here and here.

I'm really thankful for his friendship. I never thought I would make a long term friend from online dating but sometimes surprises happen. Maybe if I was more honest with all my dates there could be more friendships along the way. Scratch that thought, I really don't need more friends, but I made an exception in his case. One of my favorite bloggers, Pony boy says that Men and Women can't be friends without some sort of attraction. Do you agree? Read his argument here and tell me your thoughts.

On this path to Spear a Man, Kal has inspired me that there are good men out there. We talk a couple times a week and we text daily. This weekend we each thought the other person was busy so there was radio silence for about 48 hours, it was such a strange feeling not to hear about his day. He really is awesome for being so available to Gertie, only a great friend let's you call whenever something is up, listens to all your crazy dating stories (without judging) and gives you such interesting opinions. He even indulges me in a little friendly banter from time to time. They way I knew friendship was an option between the two of us is because talking to him just seemed seamless. We have alot of similar interests. Although I must admit I do not understand his passion for Star Trek. We like alot of other shows, activities, and literature. I like to think we have our own version of a virtual book club. (BTW Kal, I am behind in reading Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I better carve some time out for that on vacation next week.)

Most importantly, Kal is a man of his word. Having met so many men who I have had to throw the hammer at for lying or misrepresenting themselves, it is refreshing to meet a man who is so honest and just himself.

He sent me actual physical mail this week, which is funny because apparently I asked him to before he headed South. It had actually slipped my mind but upon receiving the note, the entire conversation came back to me. Receiving non-bills in the mail is actually one of Gertie's favorite things. I love the age of the Internet and am thankful for the blog sphere, but I would have preferred to live in a time of love notes and pen pals. Maybe that's why I acquire so much stationary.

Now don't get ahead of your selves folks Kal is just my friend. He is on a journey of self improvement. When he is done reinventing himself. I am sure there are going to be ladies waiting to beat down his door when he is done, I am positive the line is already forming. He really is such a catch! We are both resolved to being friends for now but I often wonder which man he would be if he had a number?What number do you think he would be? I also ponder what his list for women to date would look like. Maybe he will post his own list of Women to date sometime in 2013.

Until the Next Hammer,
Gertie XoXo

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