Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Update on Pon Farr: Gertie's version of the truth

I'll admit the blog has been kind of quiet lately, my apologies for keeping my activities under wraps. I have actually been having an interesting Spring so I will promise to keep the posts coming a little more frequently from here on out. To be honest I have been writing alot, I just haven't been publishing alot, because sometimes when I spill too early I jinx myself . I thought their might be some more guest posts from Pon Farr. I know you readers may have been interested in knowing how she and Mr. Hockey have been progressing. Today's blog will give you an update from Gertie's perspective of where things stand for the cute couple and I will let you know where to find Pon Farr in the future(yes folks, I am about to reveal her blog.) She can be more open about her leap of love now. She doesn't need the anonymity that our land offers, because she was already discovered guest blogging here, by one of her blogger friends. (Check out the comments, Darn that public Internet :P)I am not sure if her new beau liked reading her perspective of their dates, but one would think he enjoyed it. Hopefully he didn't mind Gertie's saucy comments either.

When we last left our heroine she had just ended an amazing first date, my sources reveal there have been quite a few more. In fact to be quite honest to say, I think our heroine is falling in love. This is so uplifting for Gertie to hear because she has been wondering if falling in love was still possible? I am a firm believer our friends teach us lessons all the time. Currently Pon Farr reminds me that falling in love is possible and exists in the universe. Each of us will get our own happily ever after, it will just occur on love's timeline not ours.

Now let's get back to Pon Farr and Mr. Hockey,Gertie actually met the infamous Mr. Hockey a few weeks ago. While she has only met him once, Gertie hopes to have more interactions with him in the future. Pon Farr has been suffering from Boyfriend Blackouts, which is understandable considering her budding romance. Gertie's first impression was that Mr. Hockey was a great match for Pon Farr. Their chemistry was palpable in the room. The pair were definitely smitten with each other. Gertie was so excited to see her friend falling for such a chivalrous prince. Mr. Hockey was kind, interesting, and quite humorous. I see why he makes Pon Farr laugh so much. Gertie may have been accused of interrogating/threatening Mr. Hockey. To be honest she was just trying to learn more about him and possibly ascertain his intentions towards Pon Farr. I think Mr. Hockey understood Gertie was just being protective, besides Gertie has a hammer so Mr. Hockey better not make her use it!

So now that you know Pon Farr's real identity you can feel free to check out her blog over at Lainey's Life Lessons. I am sure she will keep sharing her wisdom as she continues down the path of happiness. And if you are like Gertie, I bet you can't wait to hear more about her adventures with Mr. Hockey.

Watch out for cupid!
Gertie XoXo

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