Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gertie Throws a Hammer & Makes a Clean Break

Number 6 was so much fun while it lasted but I knew as Game Night with my friends approached and it became obvious I might have to include him, that we might be heading down different paths. Fun is always great in life but Gertie is looking for so much more, and while fun is good for awhile, without other interests....Gertie gets bored.

It just so happened that Gertie loves games, card games, board games, poker games, sometimes video games, but mainly games you can play in person with other people. She used to play poker with friends but these economic times have made the games less frequent. However it's not about the winning or the money for Gertie, it is more that she loves watching how other people think. She always thought about being a psychologist but then she realized she was more about observing than actually helping others with their issues. She only likes this interesting stories not the ones that would make you cry. Back to the issue at hand, Gertie discovered from dating The Virgin that not only did she like regular board game she was also intrigued and quite talented at Geek Games. What might the difference be between regular versus Geek Games, well let me show you. These are board games. They include games people can buy online or at any standard store, i.e. Target, Walmart, Toys R Us. The instructions are in English but sometimes unnecessary to play the game. Society is familiar with most of the games names. They are generally light with simple rules. They can range from classics like Life, Monopoly, and Clue and extend to Cranium, Trivial Pursuit, Apples to Apples. Regular games even include games that are based off pop culture like Sex and The City Trivia, Twilight Scene It, or The Simpson's version of Monopoly. What's your favorite board game?

These are geek games. They include large intricate instructions, sometimes they include role play, sometimes the instructions are in a foreign language. They involve cards, dice, and are not commonly found at your local retail stores. These games are purchased at Games Stores, online, and can sometimes be pricey. Not all geek games are pricey. Geek games tend to lean toward having expansions, exclusive specialty cards, upgrades, and protective sleeves. Rather that Geeks buy protective sleeves to protect their endeared games. Geek games are not generally well known, unless you are referencing that guy you went to high school with that plays Magic the Gathering.
By the way if that guy, The Magic Guy, is single and doesn't live at home with his mom, and gainfully employed,could you send him my number? Gertie's favorite geek game is Dominion, she may or may not own cards with protective sleeves. She may have limited edition cards and own an expansion game or two. She really can't confirm or deny this information at this time, but I am sure we will get to that when we learn more about Fred Flinstone in the upcoming weeks.

To be honest Number 6 invited himself to Game Night. It was not a normal night of the week that he and Gertie hung out. He asked her if she was free that night and she said she was having a Game Night with some friends. His response was, great I will be there at 5pm. Game Night actually started at 6pm and Gertie told him he didn't have to come but attend he did anyway.
On the day he invited himself to Game Night, Gertie introduced him to Phase 10. She wanted to view how his mind worked when entrenched in analytical thought. This was one of the determining factors of why he got cut loose. He had a hard time determining the rules and how they applied to him. Gertie caught him cheating at cards. She thought initially he was being coy or perhaps didn't understand the rules, but more realistically he just didn't understand the game.

Fast Forward to the night of the party, Number 6 arrived at 5:30 PM rather than 5 PM which didn't bother Gertie but did annoy her when in lieu of asking if he could pitch in he tried to make out with her when she was putting finishing touches on the evening. He didn't really interact with her first guest Maria, when she arrived. Gertie and Maria both tried to engage him in conversation but he seemed content to sit there like a bump on a log and stare aimlessly at the TV. When people arrived and people started playing games, he didn't really stand to meet people or engage in the action as it were. He did eventually after much prodding try a game and the rules were again lost on him in the moment. All the guest at the party Maria, Kathlene, two coworkers, and Rob all thought Number 6 was a biscuit. What is a biscuit you might say

Kathlene defines as being a biscuit head. Someone who is so challenged that concepts are over their head and lost on them. Imagine a day old biscuit who is no longer soft and fluffy but rather rock hard and even when you slam it on the table nothing gets through its flaky crust. Number 6 was a biscuit. As the party ended he commented that he was quiet and shy because there were just so many new people to get to know. He works in sales as his livelihood. If talking to people is how you make your money, than not being able to talk to strangers is going to be a problem moving forward. Despite my best attempts at being casual and being into fun and living in the moment. Gertie just couldn't settle for Mr. Right Now. She threw the Hammer at the Biscuit Head and surprisingly nothing boomeranged back, it was simply a clean break!

Watch out for Hammers!
Gertie Xo Xo

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