Friday, January 13, 2012

I may have hit a Target and speared a Man!

So like all things in life when you start a new project or make a resolution than an unexpected twist occurs. Now I don't want to jinx anything folks but as most of you who actually know Gertie have been pointing out, I mayhaps have speared a Target.

Despite all efforts to self sabotage and a huge serving of social awkwardness I may have speared a real man. And he keeps coming back for more. There really haven't been any red flags

Let me see how many of the Targets we have hit with this one.

We will call him BB&J, because amongst his other awesome qualities he advertised himself as making Beer, Bread, and Jam and it was actually a reason that I wanted to go out with him.

BB&J is definitely tall and he didn't lie about his height (phew!) , gives great hugs, most of his friends are awesome, and all the friends I've introduced him to so far have thought he was awesome. There could be some improvement in Target 3 & 9 but that could just be because we have both had busy holiday schedules. I'm going to leave those open for now. Although he definitely knows his way around kitchen, seems to have a good relationship with his mom and female friends, and not only is he a Gentleman(to an extreme) he does make me laugh in way that makes my whole body smile. I think Ladies & Gents we may have found a keeper. I would say 8 out of 10 Targets hit and the other two leave room for improvement.

Of course we started dating right before I started this blog. I had been kevetching with all my girlfriends about dating and sharing blogs I read. I decided I would venture out and start my own and I still have lots of great stories left to tell . But of late there hasn't been any new suitors only the same BB&J and some really great times.

One of my girlfriends told Gertie at dinner this week, isn't that the way it always happens. You start something to document your projects and then the project wraps up. Well don't worry readers we aren't wrapping up any time soon because Gertie has years of dates to right about and even with a Target speared there are lots more posts to write. Heck I may even write a little more about BB&J, you never know.

Until our next blog....

Watch out for Hammers,
Gertie xoxo

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