Saturday, December 24, 2011

All Gertie wants for Christmas

Dear Santa,

Well this time last year I was hoping for a ring for Christmas but since that frog has jumped the pond I would like to update my holiday wish list.

Although I have some prospects(to be blogged about later) what I'd really like for Christmas is a man! No need to wrap him in a big red box or place him underneath the tree, I'd really just like a man who adores me for Christmas.

I'd prefer a model who was handsome, charismatic, and liked to eat cake. But I'd settle for funny, smart, and has skills.

I'd like to say I'd been good this year, but let's face it...I've been naughty! What's a single girl on the prowl to do? So when you are filling up stockings this year and placing gifts under the tree, leave something a little special for me.

In addition I understand that this may be a little short notice, so feel free to drop him off anytime between now and Valentine's Day. I know your elves are busy and there's no need to rush.

Being Nice is Overrated,
Gertie xoxo

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