Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update on Gertie's Crushes

So in a recent post I know that I shared that I have a few crushes about town. Some of them I flirt with more than others, some are more realistic.....

Well I decided to bite the bullet and up the flirting with Covert D based on my feedback in my last blog. In late June I was set to see him at a work meeting and I arranged in advance with my work husband to help me with my cause if it looked awkward. Well Covert D was not at the meeting but his work colleague was. They seem very buddy buddy, Covert D and his bro. My work husband that he would do some covert ops of his own to finally ascertain the single status of the man who makes me swoon..... although there was no ring, there had been some lingering doubt from my end on Covert D's single status. It just seemed as if something were amiss. (By the way have I mentioned my work husband before? Do you have a work spouse? Maybe this can be a future blog. My work hubby just happens to be a ladies man and it has contributed to some very funny also reminds me that men are DOGS!! So thanks to my work hubby for keeping my ideas about men in perspective)

Well while I was standing talking to my work buddy Covert D's colleague walked by us in the hall. My work husband engaged him in conversation for a few minutes. There I was standing between two towering giants who were both over six foot tall, and my slightly less than average height, five foot three and a half self was beginning to feel like I was interrupting a grown up conversation. My work hubby asked the colleague where Covert D had been but he didn't use his name. He said,"Where has your little buddy been lately, I haven't seen him as much as I used to..." Work colleague was thrown off guard because we actually have people who are midgets in our work group. Super heroes can be all sizes you know!?! :) So after alot of confusion the colleague retorts that Covert D has been keeping busy. My work husband retorts," Has he been keeping busy in the office or with that hot blonde he is always mentioning," The colleague throws the hammer that sinks Gertie's crush when he replies,"Well I am not sure what she looks like, but if he has been keeping busy with a hot blonde, I am sure his WIFE might have something to say about that, unless its her" I am sure the conversation continued for a few minutes but I really don't know what was said. All I felt was deflated, I was positive there had been no ring, I had two independent witnesses observe his hand.

So I resolve to no longer girlcrush on Covert D he is obviously out of the running. Although since he doesn't wear a ring and has a lot of sexual tension maybe his colleague could be wrong. He did say he hadn't met the wife....regardless Gertie is currently not trying to prowl or flirt with a married man at work. I guess we will have to redirect our efforts and focus on the next mission at hand.

TALKING TO MR. COFEEE......hopefully that Operation is a bit more successful.

Watch out for hammers!
Gertie XoXo

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