Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I haven't thrown a hammer all summer!

I have gone out with someone for more than 10 dates. In fact we have been going on dates for quite a while. I have hesitated to say that he is my boyfriend or label whatever it is that is going on .

If I was him I would have surely thrown a hammer my way because some of my behavior has been outlandish and obtuse but alas he continues to put up with me. I think he does this because he is either slightly insane or really cares for me. I mean he would have to be one or
the other to put up with all my shenanigans.

What kind of crazy shenanigans are you engaged in Gertie?

Examples include but are not limited to:

Introducing him by his name without labeling him and/or specifically telling him not to label me.
Asking him what the consequences would be for going out with other guys
Telling him I plan on going out with other guys, and occasionally hanging out alone with male "friends" (Although these were platonic occasion, I swear!!)
Making shocked faces when he asks about weekend trips or future planning
Telling him planning a trip in September was too far off and something I couldn't commit to....and it is almost June

But considering taking him as my flavor of the month date and asking him to keep his calendar free.

Are you dating some type of pushover or cad Gertie? What kind of reactions does this man have to your outlandish behavior?

Reactions include but are not limited to:
He simply stated if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck no need to be labeled with a sharpie, in retort to the boyfriend/girlfriend debacle. Speaking of ducks, have you seen the Teach me How to Ducky Video, it's hysterical! Almost make me want to be an Oregon Ducks Fan.
In response to what would occur if I dated other guys, his simple retort was that he
wasn't interested in seeing anyone else but if I wanted to explore my options he didn't want me to feel pinned down. Then he texted me if we were still on for Saturday night and how far he should book in advance because of the competition.In regards to hanging out with other guys he simply asked me if we could go out the night before and then he....well, I am going to save that for a future blog. But believe you me it was convincing. And then he gave me the most ridiculous rules ever, he asked that I not intimately touch other men or kiss them on the lips. It really reminded me of the hooker rules in Pretty Woman.
His reaction to all my shocked looks and bewilderment in regards to future planning have been simply to laugh and say he loves my expressive face. Also that he think he and Kathlene have future planned this unlabeled relationship farther than I have.

And yet despite all my balking about what is or isn't going on and commitment phobia, Fred Flinstone really is a wonderful guy. I mean he started out a little rocky, and I am sure I will blog about it sooner or later, but he seems to be quite the keeper. My mom actually remarked on the phone earlier today when we were discussing something about the weekend that if I didn't make him my boyfriend soon, she was going to steal him from me herself. I wonder how my Dad would feel about my Mom having a boyfriend, they have been married for almost 35 years?

Watch out for hammers,
Gertie XoXo

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