Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sometimes you don't need a hammer, you're looking for a purse.

I came across a blog a few weeks ago which talked about Purse Theory. Most times when I spread some blog love, it is because I actively read another person's blog, weekly. However this time,I was googling for purses and I came across this and it just spoke to me. To be honest besides Purse Theory, I don't know that I actually care for the rest of Baisically's blog but this theory is brilliant.

The Purse Theory in summary, all women are searching for the perfect bag that is a compliment to all your outfits. This is the bag you use until it dies and can't be used anymore. Feel free to go and read Baisically's description if you like more explanation, but it got me thinking if the Purse Theory was true about the men in my life.

I have always had an interesting sense of self comparative to others. I never want the purse that all my friends have. I always want something that is interesting and that alot of people wouldn't want. I want a purse that fits my needs.

So if I described what I was looking for in an ultimate purse, would it compare to my dating life?

My ideal purse is medium to large, large enough to be seen and useful. When I am looking at men I generally like them tall and broad. Maybe I see that as useful in my fashion and life. I also like a purse to multifunction. It should be able to jut to the market as well as go out on the town. Finding a man who cleans up well for a night on the town and who is comfortable at home is also an ideal Target. I also like a Purse with a little distinction sometimes that could mean a fancy label, but more so it's just a little bit of quirk to the design that sets it apart from everyone else. This also falls in line with how I like my men. As I have said many times on this blog, I am probably dating the guys with quirks as opposed to popular playboys.

However in my real life I am never happy with just one bag. In my dating life I am actually drawn to one man at a time and the length of the relationships vary. There have been two long relationships and some memorable style choices along the way. Maybe my single life is really reflected through my fashion. I have a closet full of bags. Most of the bags are big, few are small. There are a few classic neutrals that go with everything, although there are some quirky statement pieces. Sometimes I will keep a bag in rotation for days, weeks, month, at a time before donating it to Goodwill. Some men in my life are there for days, weeks, months at a time before I help them move along to where they are supposed to go.

My bag always matches my outfit or the occasion, just as the men I choose while dating often match the time period of my life. Choosing bags for a trip or vacation really limits my options, I really have a problem choosing just one. Yes, they're all great bags which serve many purposes, but what if I am away and I have only brought Vera options. Then I am invited to a fancy dinner out with a handsome Mr. Right, will I be happy with my flowery staple or will I be dreaming of my perfect patent clutch? In contrast, on this singles cruise I am on, I find myself having a hard time committing to just one choice. If I only bring the quirky Vera will I long for the straw clutch that I didn't buy on sale?

I blogged a few weeks ago about Moving Targets, I still owe you a blog about my favorite Moving Target, Steelers Guy, hopefully I can publish that this week.

I have so many blogs started, they are in the oven baking as it were, but lately it's been so hard to finish icing them and show them to the world. It's always hard to write about the work in progress as opposed to that time you burnt the cookies.

Back to the topic at hand, Purse Theory, well I am beginning to think the reason why I don't have a love affair with one great man is the same reason while I have a room full of purses. I am beginning to think that I might be a Moving Target. Maybe Gertie isn't meant to keep a man for longer than a few iconic seasons. Perhaps I am so stylish and wonderful that if I just kept one bag for too long that I would be depriving my inner Fashionista? What do you think?

Only time will tell......

In the interim I am determined to keep bringing the spotlight to all the wonderful bags in my closet. Maybe one day an elusive Birkin or perhaps a designer original will tie me down for all seasons. But until then, I will keep rotating all the lovely choices in my closet and keep the fashion fresh as the season change.

As I recently RSVPed to a wedding with "Flavor of the Month," in lieu of and Guest or a Gentleman's Name because I am really unsure who the guest will be. I feel like if I limit my bag options, I might miss the purse of my dreams.

Watch out for Hammers!,



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