Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reasons I Throw Hammers at Boys

Well I should probably update my rules and Targets for the month because it's the end of May and I owed you a midmonth update. Here's the short version......

I won't be updating any rules this month or talking about date. However if you are new to the site and need the previous rundown, check them out. I am instituting a new policy of not blogging about dates before their stories hit the websphere, just know that there are going to be more blogs, this week, this month, and many more this year. Updates for this month will be in italics.

I will based be updating the Target section after thinking about Yesterday's blog, giving partial credit for the update to our dear friend Ryan, check him out he's always sooooooooo entertaining!!

Male Targets:
1. Tall men who reach the top shelf - remember to subtract two inches from a listed height on an online dating profile.

2. Broad Men who give Great Hugs; subjective but necessary

3. Someone who doesn't want to hang out everyday, but who wants to hangout a few times a week, with boundaries.

4. Someone who is awesome and has friends that are awesome, bonus points if your friends would mesh well with my friends.

5. Someone who knows there way around a kitchen, bar, or a pantry. I like Men who can cook, bake, and especially craft an interesting cocktail or two.

6. Gentleman who remember the little things, without being asked and care about your well being.

7. Someone who makes you laugh, the type of laughter that explodes throughout your entire body.

8. Someone who loves their mom, sister, women in their life but in a healthy well adjusted way.

9. A Great Communicator.

10. Someone who likes to eat cake, and other applicable cake skills.

11. Someone with distinction that sets them apart from others, be it quirky, witty, or charming.

12. A man who I value enough to cherish our relationship but whose value I do not place above my own.

And for good measure something that I saw that absolutely is the reason why I throw hammers at boys. I know that you can neither just sit around optimistically waiting for love to fall into your lap and at the same time, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE LEFT!!! Because it might not happen on my timetable, but I know someday it will happen, maybe sooner than I expect it. :)

Until tomorrow...Watch out for Hammers!!

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