Monday, May 7, 2012

Gertie throws more than just hammers, sometimes she throws darts.

I have been saying that I was going to blog about Fred Flinstone since the middle of March. However the best information I have shared thus far, is that we went to coffee. As a preview to a blog that should post sometime later in the week, I will simply disclose that we are still dating... and as of today I have not yet thrown the hammer in his direction.

However I had an interesting dates right before vacation that I want to talk about today. Some people sen
d you messages and are vague, maybe they tell you their initial and not their name. Maybe they share their general line of work, but not their employer. I would say that when people are guarded, I am generally respectful because I see why there are slow to share personal details about their lives online. I mean even though I blog, I try to do so somewhat anonymously. So sometimes when a person messages me online and they share a little too much information up front it sends off little red flags in my head. Alarms start going off and I wonder why is this person so trusting to a stranger online? I mean I am a super hero who uses her Magic Hammer to track bad guys and apprehend villains and I don't share that with men until at least the third date.

Back to the date at hand, I was messaged by a seemingly interesting gentlem
an and within the first few messages I easily had enough information to run a credit check and verify most of his life history. He revealed that he was also a super hero. Although he solved crimes with a bat mobile and tool belt in lieu of a hammer. He worked in a neighboring city. He was familiar with my home turf and by all accounts he felt like he could volunteer all this information before Gertie ever revealed her super lineage. Being familiar with how superheroes communicate with one another, I almost wanted to prank his bat signal to teach him a lesson about revealing too much information to a perfect stranger. However, I didn't want to get the Justice League upset with me.

I decided even though I had already met a chivalrous gentleman in Fred Flinstone that I was still on the hunt for Mr. Right. Not a girl to put all my eggs in one basket, I should give Batman a date. However since loose lips sink ships, I didn't divulge too much information about my myself until I met Bruce Wayne in person. Tired of the old dinner, movie, chit chat scene and attempting to test Batman's knowledge of the local venues. Gertie decided to meet him at her favorite sports lounge (Read Dive Bar) and play some darts. To be honest, Gertie just didn't want to have to drive too far if Batman was disappointing. Also Gertie knows that some friends from work often hang out there. The dive is big enough where she could avoid her coworkers if necessary. By playing darts, Gertie could also have a beer with them if Batman flaked. She had a suspicion that he might not actually show.

Twice Gertie thought about canceling the date because of some mixed emotions.

She decided to get gussied up in her casual best and go meet Batman none the less. Arriving about ten minutes early, Gertie sat in the parking lot and peered around for familiar cars. There was no one from her social circle and the local Hump Bar so she made her way inside. She got a drink from the familiar bartender and made her way to the dart room. As we know our heroine is very skilled with throwing her hammer, but there would have to be some adjustments in her throws to land some darts. As she warmed up, she was joined by the Dark Knight. She quickly realized he probably shared so much over email because he was definitely the silent type.

Although the darts were fun, the company was rather lackluster. Batman was slightly amusing but I think he could have benefited from a sidekick. In lieu of a Dick Grayson look alike, Batman had a furry partner in crime. We had some beers and got to know each other a little better. Although to be honest he really was all about his super tool belt, Batphone, and Batmobile. There wasn't much to his nature besides fighting crime. He seemed rather obsessed with it. He wasn't really interested in the business of romance. He had some bemusing stories but they all involved his work. Not one to be interested in the one dimensional superhero, I tried to delve deeper into his other interests and see if there was much more beneath the surface. It appeared there was not. I didn't ever reveal my super hero status to the Dark Knight. I didn't really give him the hammer either. I just kind of lefting him hanging.......I told him of my vacation and that it would be a while before I got back in town. He sent me a few messages whilest I was away. To be honest, I just kind of ghosted him a bit. I figured he would get the hint if I didn't show any interest.

Surprisingly the Dark Knight did not like being ignored, he retorted with a message about how he thought we had a connection and he often goes to the Hump Bar. He hoped to see me again sometime, he wasn't mad I had been aloof. He left the door open to contact him at my own pace. Maybe the timing was just off since we work in neighboring towns and both fight evil, maybe our paths will cross again. Who knows maybe when Gertie is done investigating Caveman, she might send up a Bat Signal.

Watch out for hammers,
Gertie XoXo

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