Friday, August 31, 2012

Gertie Throws a Hammer at Regrets, Embrace Your History

I read an incredible quote by an online writer, Sara Barron, she was writing about not having regrets and good reasons to be adventurous. I found the quote really inspiring and it reminded me of my blog. My blog that I said I would keep up on more this month, and yet.... I lied. But it made me think of my blog because the last blog I published was about not having Regrets. It was a survery from TMI Tuesday but writing it felt very cathartic. It brought alot of discussion into my current relationship as well.

I think it is important to share a certain amount of history not just with your friends, your blog readers, your therapist, but also with your partner. But this blog is about not having regrets and embracing your history, so I digress. If I were to think about a song, to imitate Ryan Beaumont, the best song  I can think of would be a little country, maybe Bless the Broken Road, by Rascal Flats.
Maybe one of you could suggest a better song, it's not my forte per se. I'd like to pick something more edgy or contemporary but nothing really comes to mind. The only suggestion I got was from my work husband and he suggested, Pebbles, Love Makes Things Happen, look out for Babyface in the video. I am not really sure that it fits into what I was going for, but hey I am letting all suggestion be heard.

Wait, I opened this blog to tell you the quote that was so inspirational about embracing your life path and adventures by Ms. Barron,

"Eventually, you’re going to meet The Guy. You’ll meet him, and love him and settle down with him. And even though you’ll love him, and even though you’ll be thrilled to settle down, you’ll want – before meeting him – to have some experience under your belt. Your monogamous, LTR will be made all the sweeter when you have those mad adventures to remember."

Although this quote is geared toward finding a Guy, I think it is universal to any partner, male, female, superhero, space alien, all partners could be interchangeable. 

So as you are searching out there for your Mr. Right, don't look pass the fun you could be having with Mr. Right Now... You never know what's going to put a smile on your face when you're eighty years old and remembering your adventurous youth! In Gertie's mind, those little old ladies don't regret they adventures they had but rather the ones, they didn't take.

Watch out for Hammers, 

Gertie XOXO

Ps My next few blogs will be about the man who liked cake, the first Man I ever loved, Steelers Guy, and a retort about what school of love Gertie hails from.

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