Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gertie won an award....kind of

I would like to start this acceptance speech by thanking the voting members of the audience.....Thank you to all my countless fans (Wait I counted my followers, there's not that many) or at least thank you to Lainey who awarded me this on my very new and burgeoning blog (fingers crossed). Furthermore I would like to Thank all my countless (wait there really are alot of these, Maria, Kathlene, Marie, Noel, Kelley, Nole, Maurice, Kathlene's husband, and the list just continues longer than anyone realizes) friends who listen to all my stories, laugh at me mercilessly, and give me their two cents, whether I use their advice or not I am saving it & really raking up the bucks in my Piggy Bank of Life. I also have to give a shout to everyone on my blogroll because, I do read all your blogs and if you're blog existed before mine, you inspired me in someway to create Gertie's story.

Now let's get down to business, after accepting my lovely award, known as the

Liebster Blog Award. According to our dear friend Lainey over at Lainey's Life Lessons it is really an award bloggers give to one another to increase readership. To be eligible one must have less than 200 public followers, I definitely qualify. In the beginning I wanted to keep my readers down because of anonymity but to hell with it, I am Gertie!!, beware of my hammer! I am obligated after receiving this award to give it to 5 oops I mean 6 other bloggers who meet the parameters of blog I follow with intriguing posts & less than 200 followers. (I chose 6 because Lainey only chose 2 and I am sure she won't mind me swiping her extra pick, I had hard choices to make) I must also shamelessly plug the person who gave the award to me. Have I mentioned how awesome I think Lainey is?

Rule #1 Link back to the person who gave you this award.

Check out Lainey over at Lainey's Life Lessons to find out more about the important lessons learned she as an adventurous heroine provide, her posts include witty insight and colorful imagery as she goes along this road called life in her energy efficient vehicle. Lainey is a member of my friendamily(check out her comments on this blog for the definition) so her insight and lessons are always appreciated. My favorite post of hers can be found here, in it she reminds all of us who the most important player on our team is. I am thankful to be a benchwarmer on her friend roster.

Rule#2 Choose deserving bloggers and alert them to their award winning status.

This I think is the most fun part of the blog award because I am positive that most of these bloggers don't know how inspirational they are to Gertie, aka moi!

And the winners in no particular order are.........

1. The Gamma Girls at Doing the District -
The composite cast that makes up the authors of Doing the District are amongst the first blogs I started reading as a Single Girl. It all started with Kate and from her blog I found so many inspirational authors that eventually made up the Gamma Girls themselves. Kate also introduced me to other authors on this list and in the honorable mention section. If you are young, fun, and about town in the DMV you need to check out this blog, they tell you where to brunch, cocktail, how to be on the same page, and most importantly where to get waxed. Thanks Ladies for all the Good Times!

Two girls one blog and hilarity ensue. I really read this blog because kissing can sometimes lead to social disasters for me. But I kept reading because their stories are easily related to and are stories I am using to hearing from friends. My favorite post of theirs this month is K's Valentine's Day post. A has been slightly on hiatus since August but I hope she blogs more regularly soon, my favorite part of her posts are the descriptions of OK Cupid. Although they are generally funny, it's what convinced me to try that dating site.

3. Matt at Third Date Cooking-
If only more men would put so much thought and preparation into cooking for a date. I love his tips and have used them on a few of my dates. :) I hope he makes it to Chopped, I would love to see him cook on Food Network. You'll generally enjoy his recipes and his Question polls are insightful.

4.Diane Elizabeth at Hill House Handmade -
Diane is one crafty Momma, she gives tips to sewing, points to other craft blogs, and makes ingenious gifts for those lucky enough to be part of her life. She has some great ideas for being thrifty. I love her reverence for the past and homemade things, sometimes when I read her blog it remind me of my Nana and doing craft projects with her as a kid. She inspired me (through this blog)to buy a sewing machine and start to create again, too bad the only things I have sewn have been for my pup....ooops I just realized Gertie has revealed she has a dog. You learn something new everyday.

This brave Superhero is a special friend who is starting a journey to be the best self he can be. Gertie supports being one's best self and encourages you to send him some love in the blog universe as he travels on his path to Greatness!

6. Ryan Beaumont at
Confession Gertie read blogs about AM mainly because she was first curious about the sensation and then she found Ryan's blog. He posts recipes, stories from the female perspective, and is just generally a good time. He is like the Meatballs from the Jersey Shore, a blast in a blog! It also helps to see how the male mind works, the way Ryan writes about AM it's not too far off from dating. All men are really about the pursuit of the cookie. Kudos to Ryan for introducing me to Riff Dog.

On a separate note some of my favorite blogs have more than 200 followers, have become private, been removed, or become defunct after giving me inspiration, have already been nominated, didn't fit in my nominations because I only got five,so check out my blogroll to sneak a peek at who they might be. I am also going to award Honorable Mention to people who may now be out of the running for those reasons.

1. Kate at A Single Girl Doing Single Things she was the first blog I followed upon entering this round of singledom, when her blog ended it inspired me to pick up the hammer for single girls everywhere and share more stories.
2. King of Hearts, although his blog has gone private, I read it and followed before he came off the public market.
3. Elle at Sex and the Shitty she has more than 200 followers because she is awesome, eliminating her nomination from this award. I definitely love all her posts, she's hysterical. She is the catalyst that lead me to Ryan's blog
4. Riff at Ashley and Me for teaching me how the mind of Dogs work, sorry to see you leave us too soon. I really enjoyed the simple insight into mens minds and how they view seduction.
5. SweetVix2003 at Growing Round, who was already nominated by Lainey
6. Alison at Oh My Vera, who doesn't like to learn about sales on Vera Bradley and their ever changing color palette? Alison has more than 200 followers or she would have made the list, but I still suggest you check it out.

Rule#3 Post the award on your blog and share the fun!
Hope you can build you're reading list and in the meantime.......

Watch out for Hammers,
Gertie xoxo


  1. Thanks for that nomination Gertie! Hey you said I write from the female perspective but didn't say if I knew what I was talking about!? :)

    And now that you know how the male mind works I would encourage you to turn it off now!

    Hey, I learned something today - I had to google Jersey Shore Meatball and learned all this interesting jargon! Are you calling me a short Italian Jersey Girl? I think I did date a Meatball once in college though.

    1. Hi Ryan! I was really trying to use the analogy that you were a "blast in a blog" like the meatballs are a "blast in a glass." It's one of their sayings, although you may be short(men lie online), but even using your article as reference it was meant to be a great compliment (definition 3) and that your blog was fun and unpredictable. :)

      I can neither confirm or deny if you know what you are writing about from the female perspective, merely that is it enjoyable to read.

    2. Gotcha Gertie - I took it all as a compliment and even if it wasn't it's great to get recognized. But now you got me addicted to this jargon.

      So to be fair I won't be an Angelina - I'll forward this along ASAP. You know this has helped because now I know in my current story I may have had a mind condom on.

      But to be fair a lot times in my blog I'm just completely Tostitos! :)

      You however are just simply "da bomb" (not Jersey logo)!